Our Goals

Current focus: Copyright

As artists we appreciate and utilise copyright, but we need to be careful that it isn’t turned in to something that ultimately loses public respect for us and our work. Copyright is something that aims to give artists certain rights over our work with the idea that this will enable us to make more work. However, bad copyright law can ultimately be bad for us: alienating our fans and creating public scepticism about a system that is seen as unfair; and even blocking our own ability to build on ideas and comment on society.

Copyright needs to be updated for the modern age but it needs to be done sensibly, upholding a balance between public and private rights. If this balance isn’t met creativity and new innovations will be stifled. Let’s fix copyright:

  • Our Goal: Infringing File Sharing Act Review

    The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act is due to be reviewed in March 2012. This is an opportunity for the government to fix these three issues with the law as it stands:
    1. Termination remains: can be enabled by Cabinet at any time without parliamentary vote
    2. No penalty for false accusations
    3. A lack of guidance on the scaling of fines up to $15,000
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  • Our Goal: Parody and Satire in New Zealand

    Although Parody and Satire have been used by artists for centuries as a means of critical social comment, New Zealand lacks a copyright exception that protects these valuable forms of creativity. Australia introduced a Parody & Satire exception in 2006, and US artists have been able to defend their right to make parodies and satires for decades through Fair Use. We think that copyright laws that punish NZ artists who make parodies and satires are unfair. Let’s fix copyright and introduce a Parody & Satire exception to our Copyright Law. Read More

  • Our Goal: DRM Free New Zealand

    Digital Restrictions/Rights Management (DRM) is a technical measure that removes rights we have by law, such as the right to copy legally purchased music to our mp3 players or to copy text for educational reasons. DRM is legally protected in NZ but as artists we believe that this is unfair and goes too far. People should be able to use their rights and DRM shouldn’t be legally protected. Read More

  • Industry Challenge: Sell ‘File Sharing’ Licence

    The legal battles surrounding peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing are a losing proposition for everyone. The industry say they face sliding sales, while the tens of millions of file sharers —music, movie and tv fans— are made to feel like criminals. It’s easy to sit around complaining about illegal file sharing, but there must be a better way forward. We pose a challenge to the music and film industries to provide an alternative approach that gets artists paid while making file sharing legal: voluntary collective licensing. Read More

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