‘Ireland’s SOPA’ to pass without parliamentary vote

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Wired UK report that “Ireland is soon to have a law similar to SOPA passed that would give music and movie companies the power to force Irish ISPs to block access to sites suspected of having copyright infringing material on them.” (emphasis ours)

“Irish citizens won’t have a chance to lobby their democratic representatives because there won’t be a vote on the law [...] in the Irish Parliament. Instead the law is being enacted by ministerial order because it is being prepared in the form of a Statutory Instrument.”

Sign at the petition against it at StopSOPAIreland.com.

One thought on “‘Ireland’s SOPA’ to pass without parliamentary vote

  1. We need to look a little closer to home. New Zealand may find itself enacting SOPA and PIPA type legislation without parliamentary vote as a condition for signing up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    Even if it were put to a vote, I’m sure there are politicians who would happily sign away our rights if it mean selling a few more tonnes of butter to the US. The way the ‘Skynet’ law was passed is a perfect example of how clueless some of these people are.

    We need to make people aware of this issue, especially while SOPA and PIPA are fresh in people’s minds.

    The key difference is that the text of SOPA and PIPA were public. People could easily see how bad they were. Much like ACTA, the text of the TPP is being negotiated behind closed doors. We were lucky that draft texts of ACTA were leaked and that public outcry caused them to scale IP provisions back. We will no be so lucky with the TPP.

    I’m sitting watching masked politicians in Poland, protesting ACTA and wish our Government would be that connected with the issue. Instead they just rolled over and quietly made NZ a fully signed member last October.

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