So…Where Are All The Infringement Notices?

This from TechLiberty: 16 days in to the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Act and very few infringement notices have been received by ISPs. So what are the Big Content Boys doing and what happened to the millions of infringements they keep complaining about? Tax payers have spent heaps on creating a heavily subsidised enforcement regime for these organisations and now its looking like their claims were hollow. Hmmm…

One thought on “So…Where Are All The Infringement Notices?

  1. I read a comment on Facebook that made sense to me. It was something about how the copyright holder had 7 days to lay a complaint (from the time of infringement occurring? I’m not sure on that bit), and then you add however long it takes for the ISP to process it. Given that infringement can’t be complained against retroactively (hence all the downloaders panicked and stopped downloading on Sept 01) the first complaints likely wouldn’t start surfacing until the end of the month… does that seem plausible?

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