CFF Newsletter May 2011: Copyright Submissions Deadline And Other Stuff

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Submissions on Regulations of Infringing File Sharing Law Due This Week

Submissions on the MED Infringing File Sharing regulations discussion document are due this Friday 27 May, and here’s the CFF’s response (PDF). You may also wish to read the LIANZA submission (PDF).

A recent HorizonPoll showed that 89% of New Zealanders were opposed to having to prove “valid reasons” for their innocence. To assume these statistics are illustrative of the response of infringing file sharers would be naïve. Rather, the opposition to this approach is based on a more fundamental concern for the preservation of natural justice. This being the case, we remain deeply concerned by the premature optimisation of presumptive guilt in s122MA and that Internet Termination remains (albeit in an inactive form). As we do not view these elements as being essential to the law we submit that this law has unnecessarily caused harm to public respect for copyright which is detrimental to artists. A copyright regime that is insensitive to the public demands of modern copyright law will continue to erode public trust in copyright, proving to be easily bypassed and as ineffectual as alcohol prohibition.

Online Public Meeting this Wednesday about the Infringing File Sharing law

The Greens are holding an interactive online public meeting to discuss the recent Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) legislation: what happened, what it means and what the future holds.

CFF Director Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Vikram Kumar of InternetNZ, and David Farrar of Kiwiblog will discuss the law with Greens MP Gareth Hughes, and respond to questions submitted by web audience members.

When: Wednesday 25 May, 7pm.

You can view and participate in the event via Ustream here:, and join the Facebook event.

Lawrence Lessig to speak in Auckland at NetHui

Presented by InternetNZ NetHui 2011 is a three-day conference at SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland from 29 June – 1 July 2011 that will bring together people with an interest in the Internet in New Zealand.

Harvard University Professor of Law, Lawrence Lessig, will present a keynote speech at the event. Lessig is widely known in the global Internet community as a vocal proponent of reduced legal restrictions on digital copyright, and a champion of notions of ‘fair use’ and ‘free culture’, including the humble feat of inventing and establishing the Creative Commons movement.

A wide range of New Zealand community groups, organisations and individuals will come together in a conference format to discuss and debate how the Internet is enhancing and affecting our lives.

The registration fee is only $30 plus GST for the entire three days of the event.

Check out for more information about the shape of the event, how you can participate, and links to register.

(Guest Post) Don’t You Forget About Me: Remix Creativity the Forgotten Victim of s92A

CFF supporter and Law Clerk Alaister Moughan of Burke Melrose has written a CFF Guest Post on Remix Rights, and how NZ’s lack of protection for this could see both artists and the wider public penalised for this valuable method of expression.

You can read it here.

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