The Wellington Declaration on ACTA Released

A goal of Saturday’s PublicACTA meeting was to reach a consensus on what artists, technologists and the wider public want from ACTA – an international copyright treaty. After a lot of discussion a document was released yesterday and already over 1000 people have signed the petition to show support for artistic and public rights: “The Wellington Declaration agreed by yesterday’s PublicACTA Conference has now been released [and] can be found at: [...] members of the public can find a link to a petition where they can sign their support of the declaration. “I urge everyone interested in protecting their digital rights online to sign this petition and endorse the Wellington Declaration”

You can also read the Wellington ACTA Declaration in Spanish and German.

UPDATE: Michael Geist talks on RadioNZ about ACTA (mp3).

Kiwiblog summarises the PublicACTA issue and the Wellington Declaration.

UPDATE: Nat Torkington blogs about it.

Labour’s Clare Curran talks about the issue from the perspective of leadership.

UPDATE: EFF and BoingBoing pick up the story and Brenda notes that you can browse the geographical location of signatories (it’s anonymized and only based on countries so there’s no personal information and your privacy as a signatory is respected).

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