NZOSS and InternetNZ Speak Out On ACTA

First don’t forget that this Saturday is PublicACTA so if you haven’t RSVP’d then get on that right away. Rumour is there’ll be a special FREE concert on at Bar Bodega (map) on Satuday from 8pm too so come along!

CW magazine report on the NZOSS and InternetNZ submissions, saying: “Changes that reduce the access the public have to creative content must only be considered where strong evidence suggests they are needed,” he says in a statement. “That evidence simply does not exist.” “We prefer a safe harbour approach for minimising ISP liability, in line with the current New Zealand approach,” Carter says. “We do not support the release of the details of alleged infringers to rights holders, and we do not support enhanced enforcement or protection of digital rights management systems or copyright management information.”

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