Holloway-Smith to Give Reading at Enjoy Public Art Gallery

CFF Director, Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, will be giving a reading at 12.30pm tomorrow, 3 November 2010 at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, L1/147 Cuba St, Wellington. The reading is from the Casco Issues: Past Imperfect, as part of the current exhibition Charming the Snake of Reason, curated by Marnie Slater.

The piece is a witty investigation of Bill Gates and his hypocrisy in relation to open content, Microsoft, and Gates’ subsequent corporation – Corbis – a large digital rights-holding company.

Past Imperfect (ongoing) explores the relations between the radical output of the conceptual art of the ‘60s and ’70s and everyday life, gradually moving on to include how radical ideas from the past are linked to those of today. In all corners of life – politics, literature, intelligence, science – radical actions, even if they seem to have disappeared in oblivion, influence and shape the public arena. So far, Past Imperfect contains 82 cases, which are brought together in Casco Issues: PAST IMPERFECT (2005). This publication, designed by Wil Holder, is the result of a research by Bik van der Pol with Lisette Smits and Wil Holder – intensely guided by curiosity, amazement and suspicion, accepting the risk of being totally incomplete or overly thorough. Past Imperfect searches for hidden pasts by lifting stones and poking underneath; collecting cases around notions on disappearance, perfection, excessive control, compulsion and withdrawal – as varied as causal developments, state fiction and ambiguity, coincidental histories, preservation and destruction, dark politics, the haunting of artifacts and economical speculation, erasure, protection, the impossible made possible, and much more.

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