Film Industry Fails To Meet Demand Again

Colin Jackson writes on his blog that “There’s a great New Zealand film called “Boy” – it’s a coming of age tale with a uniquely New Zealand flavour to it. It’s been in the cinemas here for three months, and it’s gone down very well. I’m probably not telling you anything you didn’t know, because the film has been well-promoted. I think I saw that it was now the highest-grossing New Zealand movie ever. Well done to Taika Waititi and every one else involved.

“That’s what makes it strange that the film industry apparently hasn’t released the film to Australia. There are a *lot* of New Zealanders living there. And it’s not surprising, after all the promotion, that people there want to see the film however they can get it. According to a press release yesterday from the industry, they are indeed getting it, via infringing downloads on the Internet. The film apparently got to the Internet via a member of the industry itself, since the copy uploaded is a “pre-screener” available only within the industry.”

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One thought on “Film Industry Fails To Meet Demand Again

  1. The sudden appearance of a (presumably industry only) “pre-screener” copy at this particular time (just as submssions close for the Copyright Infringin File Sharing Amendment Bill), looks very convenient for NZFACT.
    I’m sure that groups like NZFACT will be making a very large point about this ‘incident’ when they make their appearance in person to the Select Committee.
    The timing and industry only nature of the copy really do suggest this is an orchestrated release to help push NZFACT’s case for rushing through the Copyright Infringing File Sharing Amendment Bill.

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