Due To Public Pressure ACTA Text To Be Made Public

CW Magazine reports that due to public pressure the text of ACTA is to be made public next week, saying: “A controversial plan to crack down on online piracy and counterfeiting will be opened up to public scrutiny for the first time next week [...]¬†Negotiations over the past two years have been conducted in secret. Leaks of the draft text have sparked a public outcry, mainly because of how the text deals with online copyright infringement [...]¬†they don’t plan to reveal their individual negotiating positions”

As noted in our ACTA submission they give only one example of a compliant policy for the public and that is ’3 strikes’, or a Guilt Upon Accusation-style policy. Also ACTA seeks to remove privacy by making ISPs liable “for the content being distributed on their networks”.

The rights given to ISPs directly affect how artists and the wider public use the internet, and if ISPs are blamed for what customers do then they will have no choice but to snoop on internet connections.

The US Government recently declared piracy losses to be unreliable, and to learn more about ACTA watch to this presentation by Michael Geist who was recently in New Zealand.

UPDATE: The New Zealand Government have now issued a media release confirming this.

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