Clare Curran asks if ACTA will overtake NZs Copyright Law

Over at the RedAlert blog Clare Curran asks “Like the exact location of the meeting, the text of ACTA is a secret. We don’t know for sure what’s in it, but the latest leaks suggest that a goal of ACTA will create an extra-governmental body that effectively controls copyright law around the globe, with little input from the governments or the people they represent. The leaks suggest a new organisation would be set up to manage ACTA after it was implemented, tasked with continuing to update ACTA’s rules – sort of a parallel organization to WIPO which is part of the UN.”

2 thoughts on “Clare Curran asks if ACTA will overtake NZs Copyright Law

  1. Small thing but can you name the authors of posts here as “Posted by ‘admin’” (as it appears in my Google Reader) just seems a little hypocritical when we’re talking about ACTA secrecy

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