CFF’s Government Submission on ACTA, Copyright, and Fair Use Online

Our submission’s introduction reads “Today, a large proportion of interactions with copyrighted material involves personal use through personal computers and devices with internet connections. It is fair to say that, in turn, a proportion of these interactions involve infringement of copyright. Understandably, there is much debate as to how to interact with the new paradigm of creation and distribution that the internet represents. Some have responded to this new digital era by seeking to extend the scope of copyright, and the methods of its enforcement, so that existing ways of creation and distribution are protected, if not privileged. We do not share this view.”

Download Submission (PDF)

One thought on “CFF’s Government Submission on ACTA, Copyright, and Fair Use Online

  1. Nice submission. Thank you :)

    I did note one thing: paragraph 4.15 (on the penalties for unmeritous claims) doesn’t seem complete (it seems to be cut short).

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