Art at Risk: Copyright, Fair Dealings and Art in a Digital Age

A comprehensive online research report about Copyright has just been released by Dr Susan Ballard and Pam McKinlay of Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic. Titled Art at Risk: Copyright, Fair Dealings and Art in a digital age, the report is a collection of research materials about Copyright, Fair Dealings and Art in a Digital Age. It has a New Zealand perspective, offers information for classroom situations, and has been freely released undera Creative Commons license. Co-author Pam McKinlay writes:

From Flickr to Facebook to YouTube students engage both still and moving digital images and negotiate different permissions and database resources every day. In this research project we sought to develop guidelines around how to approach the use of digital images – and answered some of the questions that students ask everyday: What can you download from YouTube? Is everything on Flickr available to use? Can I cut this image up and call it my own? What happens if I upload my project to Facebook?

The report includes:

1. Can I use that? A set of posters introducing issues in copyright, privacy, and fair dealings.
2. Lie of the land. Information about art and copyright including legal and ethical approaches to art making.
3. Case studies. Documentation of issues arising from14 student projects that used digital media.
4. Where to now? References and sources for more information.
5. About. Background to the research.
The Research Project is available as a printable PDF either as the whole report or in sections and posters from the download page.

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