Announcing Mix and Mash: The Great NZ Remix and Mashup Competition

Calling all remix and mash-up proponents – NZ digital content and data wants YOU!

This November New Zealand will see the biggest push ever to get people using NZ digital content and data, with the launch of Mix and Mash: The Great NZ Remix and Mashup Competition.

Get your thinking caps on, because you have a couple of months to create something AWESOME from selected NZ resources online.

The competition is being run to assist New Zealand organisations to release their content and data for reuse, and to encourage the creation of new tools, services and experiences using this material – from iPhone apps to digital stories to things the organisers haven’t even thought of yet.

Mix and Mash aims to:

  • broaden New Zealand support for open and reusable digital content and data
  • encourage and reward development that uses New Zealand digital content and data
  • strengthen relationships between digital content and data producers and the developer and creative communities.

Competition details, including categories and prizes, will be announced at a special event in early November, and the competition will run for approximately 3 weeks. Entries will be showcased online after the competition closes.

Mix and Mash is being run together with DigitalNZ, Webstock, NZ On Screen, Creative Commons New Zealand, Open New Zealand, Creative Freedom Foundation,, and the National Library of New Zealand. If you have content or data you’d like to open up for the competition, or ideas on how you could get involved with this effort, email:

To sign up for competition updates, go to

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