ACTA Negotiating Text Released

New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) have released the negotiating text of ACTA [PDF]. While MED were previously more involved MFAT are now leading the NZ negotiations.

Analysis of the text to follow later today.

UPDATE: See KeiOnline analysis:

“It’s late, very late, and missing a key element of transparency — the country positions. Governments had to be forced by civil society groups to make the ACTA text public. Let’s hope that the precedent for the future is to publish the texts, and to publish them much sooner. Now that the text is out, it will be easier to have public debates about its contents. It is unfortunate that the country positions were eliminated from the published version, but positions as recent as January 2010 are available from the earlier leaked texts. KEI has focused on the changes in global norms for injunctions and damages, and the lack of civil rights and consumer safeguards in the text. Clearly the text goes way beyond counterfeiting and copyright piracy, into several categories of intellectual property rights, including patents, semi conductor chip designs, pharmaceutical test data and other topics. Governments should engage with consumer groups, civil rights organizations, educators, libraries, generic drug manufacturers, technology companies and others to re-balance the text, or abandon the negotiation if this is not possible in the current political environment.” James Love, Director, KEI

As we quoted earlier, “Negotiations over the past two years have been conducted in secret. Leaks of the draft text have sparked a public outcry, mainly because of how the text deals with online copyright infringement [...] they don’t plan to reveal their individual negotiating positions”

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